CRISIS ON INFINITE EARTH: Mega 12 part super-series!


CRISIS ON INFINITE EARTHS is a masterpiece by writer Marv Wolfman and Artist George Perez. The storyline unwound the complex and colorful DC history of the "Multiverse" and gradually, in a terror filled events including a heartbreaking end to many long tiime favorite characters, kills off the multitude of DC Universes that had grown over the Golden and Silver ages of DC comics.

"Crisis" was published in 12 parts beginning in 1985. Although there were several cross over storylines (appearing  in DC comics presents, some contemporary Green Lantern and some JLA stories), this 12 part maxi-series contains all you "Must read" to be enveloped by a fantastic plot that includes the deaths of Barry Allen (the Flash), Kara/Supergirl, and simplified many storylines for DC readers for the next 20 plus years!

Note: this is a complete 12 part hi grade modern set with

average condition is 9.0 or better, unless otherwise noted.