DARKHAWK set 1-5


Chris Powell found the old amulet inan  old amusement park. He found that he could use the amulet to change himself into Darkhawk, a shadowy warrior of tremendous power. Now Chris has sworn to use that power to fight crime.

In one of the newer twists on super-hero powers, Darkhawk is anything but bulletproof. When wounded, however, he can heal himself entirely by changing back into Chris, then back again into Darkhawk. Darkhawk was one of the more innovative modern Marvel characters when first introduced in 1991 by writer
Danny Fingeroth and art by Mike Manley.

Here is a set of issues 1-5, from a series that ran 5 years and published 50 issues and 3 annuals! A great starter set for a reasonably short series!


Note: modern sets average condition is VF/NM unless otherwise noted.