DEATHLOK Set 1-4 1991 series


This ongoing series continues the story of Michael Collins from the Deathlok limited series in 1990. Collins was a scientist working on a prosthetics research project that he thought would bring new life to handicapped people. A pacifist who believed that heroes are more than people with big guns, Collins could not have dreamed that his work was secretly being used in an attempt to recreate the infamous Deathlok cyborg (first seen in Astonishing Tales #25). So it was that Michael, the peacemaker, was duped into recreating one of the world’s most fearsome weapons.

Michael eventually discovered the true nature of his project. In order to stop him from going public with this knowledge, he was killed—and his brain was placed in the frame of Deathlok. Trapped in the body of a cyborg killing machine, Michael must face enemies from all sides while searching for his original body—in the hopes that one day he may be made human again.


Here is a great starter set for the series, issues 1-4.


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