EMERALD TWILIGHT: Death HAL JORDAN; Green Lantern set #48-51 NM!


There is rising popularity of the Green Lantern character, the interest in Hal Jordan's role as GL in: REBIRTH and the more recent BLACKEST NIGHT storyline. 

It is only natural that Comic fans still crave this intense and dramatic storyline of Hal Jordan's insanity following the destruction of his home base, Coast City.

After the "Death of Superman" and the "Reign of the Supermen"  story arc in 1994-94, a dramatic series of events led a reincarnated Superman and his "Reign of (substitute) Supermen to involvement with Hal Jordan, the (then) well established (Earthly) Green Lantern. You need to read GL 46-47 as well as Superman 82 from that era to follow the dramatic events. 

However, when those efforts were impeded (by the Cyborg Superman), Coast City was destroyed by the alien monster Mongul.

The story in GL issues 48-50, in NM- or better condition, includes the incredible 3 part telling of Hal Jordan's succumbing to a God complex and his efforts to resurrect Coast City: a total descent into madness, his sacrifice of other lives (many GL's, to take their Power rings for added resources for himself) and the arrival of Kyle Rayner, who becomes the next Green Lantern of Earth.

As an added bonus, included is Green Lantern issue #51, which is the 1st appearance of Kyle Rayner in full GL garb and on his 1st adventure.

Issue 49 has one of the best Green Lantern pictures ever; Hal Jordan in mad glee sporting all the rings he has culled off fallen comrades!

Issue 50 (which has a cool Green Glow in the dark textured cover) concludes with Hal Jordan transformed into the Spectre like character called PARALLAX. Frankly, in some circles this is an overpriced set---the Overstreet guide says the books in this set are worth about $6 each-we have seen copies of GL 48-50 with $15 asking prices EACH!

Here is a complete modestly priced and beautifully presented high grade set of 4 books that make a perfect update to a new GL fan, or fills in for a period from 15 years ago that older DC fans may have missed.  Many old time DC fans longed for the return of Hal Jordan.  This set tells what occured to change the Emerald world as we knew it for over 10 years.  The set is essential to everyone who felt the same joy at Hal's return and is glad for the REBIRTH storyline!

Note: Modern sets will average condition of 9.0 or better, unless otherwise noted. The set is preserved in top of the line  archival materials, beautifully presented with a reprint of the above summary pics, and will be packed and shipped with care.