Mad and Ed


Since Crazy Ed is well, Crazy, then it should be no surprise that Ed has had direct contact over the years with these classic humor magazines, MAD & CRACKED. CLICK HERE TO GO TO: CRACKED MEETS CRAZY ED!

.Here are a few items to share from Crazy Ed's MAD childhood

Ed bought a Dozen of these from Mad-this is his last survivor from the late 1960's!


At age 15, a Ninth Grade Crazy Ed copied pictures from his beloved Peanuts books & created this bad taste item, which he was "Crazy" enough to submit to MAD!


Again, please forgive the vulgarity of a 15 year old mind!

the envelope carrying the rejection letter!

The letter had a REALLY COOL Watermark in the rag paper-a portrait of Alfred E. Neuman!

Here is the actual "Rejection letter", signed by then Associate Editor Jerry De Fuccio!

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