REIGN OF SUPERMEN SET: Certified Ltd SET Plus Bonuses!


THIS SUPER-SET would be a great gift to accompany a DEATH OF SUPERMAN comic or graphic Novel; it is full of good stuff:


WHEN SUPERMAN DIED, there came 4 pretenders to his Heroic roled in human existence. This set has the 4 issues which came in newstand or die-cut prestige editions, with pull out posters of the CyBorg, The Clone, the Last Son of KRYPTON and the Man of Steel!

When Superman was resurrected, in Superman 500, we saw his earthly adopted father fighting for his soul!


:this set received a COA as to their being selected as a Limited series set of 1st run eitions:


As an added gift, we threw in a BLOODLINES PREVIEW CARD of the REIGN OF SUPERMEN set by DC!


Note: modern sets are average condition 9.0 or better unles otherwise noted.