SHERLOCK HOLMES & BATMAN-Detective #572 (50 yr Anniv)


If you haven't yet seen the Robert Downey Jr. & Jude Law hit SHERLOCK HOLMES, we suspect there will soon be an increased awareness by the American media loving public of the 19th century Sleuth and his classic tales of mystery, murder and horror!  You may want to see it soon and see what the excitement is all about!

Here, for a modest price, is a GREAT classic 50th Anniversary of DETECTIVE Comics  Issue #572 from March 1987, featuring Sherlock Holmes in 2 stories and the great cover (featuring Batman sharing the stage with Sherlock Holmes) drawn & inked by Mike Kaluta ("The Shadow".



There are 2 stories in this 60 page oversized Anniversary issue that feature Sherlock Holmes:

"The Adventure of the Red Leech " a Sherlock Holmes story of 15 pages  Script by Mike Barr ("BATMAN: Son of the Demon")

Pencils & Inks by: E. R. Cruz

and a full length Batman & Elongated man Mystery story by Mike Barr "The DOOMSDAY BOOK", guest starring Sherlock Holmes and the Golden age character Slam Bradley.


Note: The condition is VF/NM or better, and is wrapped in a top of the line archival mylite + sleeve!