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In Sunny Florida good collections of Silver & Bronze age material are scarcer, due to humidity and the transient nature of our populace. Sellers nationally have found it worthwhile to ship their collections to Crazy Ed for a reasonable and fair deal!

Crazy Ed keeps his inventory and overhead within reason, so he pays higher prices than many dealers, even on lower grade material. He will customarily pay about 1/2 of an item's estimated selling price, and will buy any book that is a 10 cent, 12 cent or 15 cent cover price, as long as the book and cover are complete and the book is on the staples.** Later Bronze age or modern books will be considered for purchase (based on marketability and demand).

If you have a few items or even 3-4 long boxes of comic related material at a time to show us for an offer, we can work out a no-risk shipping situation that has proven very smooth & successful.

Contact Crazy Ed by phone 24 hours (305) 947-6776  or e-mail and he will confirm the shipping details! You will be contacted as soon as the parcel(s) are safely in our hands and within 3 days we will confirm a firm offer. If accepted, our check(s) will go out as agreed-if we cannot agree on a price for all or a portion of the items received, they will be promptly returned at our expense!

Try us out for a smaller deal to begin: Ship a small parcel, or up to 4 long boxes at a time to:

Crazy Ed's Comics
P.O. Box 610458
N. Miami, FL 33261-0458



"My collection of key Silver Age was seen by several dealers in the New Jersey area. I was referred to Ed & shipped 2 long boxes of material to Florida. His shipping procedures & documentation comforted me that the process was virtually 'risk-free'.

Within 3 days he evaluated my collection, which included a run of Showcase, a Hulk 1, an AF15 & a run of Fantastic Four 1-250. Ed's faxed offer exceeded all others; the certified checks (totalling over $10k) arrived as promised or early."

Edward Cerbone, Kenilworth, NJ


"I built a large collection of high grade Silver and Bronze age books; I attend many national cons and even worked parttime in a local comic shop.

I've known Ed since 1996 when I bought an FF 3 from him in Chicago. After my daughter's recent birth, I offered Ed my runs of X-men and Silver Surfer. His 1st offer was so fair I agreed, then sold him high grade runs of JIM, Iron Man and Daredevil to boot!

My job relocated me, but Ed made sure our agreed upon payment(s) found me. I consider Ed a trustworthy, straightforward dealer & I've met a lot of them!"

Larry Clay, Milwaukee, Wisconsin


"In 1998 my home & business were threatened by a Hurricane that nearly destroyed Homestead, FL. I called Ed, who drove at night with his van to help rescue my collection, took my family in while we escaped the danger, and advanced me $5,000 against part of my collection on the spot to help get me back on my feet. Over the next year he helped liquidate books, some by consignment, others he bought outright; he kept a careful sales record & payment was never late.

I have also advertised through the CBG, and set up at Florida shows from time to time; I even help Ed at the national Megacon show held in Orlando each Spring."

Steven Silva, Orlando, FL



"I offered a very nice mid grade Silver Age collection to Ed recently and when he asked me to ship him the books before he made me an offer, I was skeptical. My fears were totally unfounded!"

"The day after he had received the books, he had graded, priced and come up with an offer for the complete collection of over 200 books! He sent to me a spreadsheet via email with
every book having a detailed description to go along with the grade."

"On top of that, he went through each and every book with me over the phone to ensure that I understood how and why he had graded each book! Now, what other dealer ANYWHERE would even attempt this! Talk about a painless process!"

"Being a comic book dealer myself for the last four years and an avid ebayer, I am used to negotiating ...

...with Ed, his first offer was extremely fair and so probably for the first time ever, I didn't even quibble on the amount he offered to me, which was over $4,000!"

"Ed is truly a class act and a dealer who is a cut above the rest. Feel confident when you deal with Ed that any deal that you do with him will be an enjoyable one."

Brent Moeshlin
ebay userid: Qualitycomix

Montgomery, Alabama

Thank you Brent: the check is in the mail!
Be treated the way you should be in selling your nice stuff!


Basically, complete copies in any grade of the following:

Avengers 1-100, Annuals/Special 1-3

AF 15; Amazing Spiderman 1-150, 238, 300, An. 1-5

Daredevil 1-100, 131, 158-191

Fantastic Four 1-150, An. 1-5

Silv.Surfer ('68) 1-18

Journey Into Mystery 1-125, An 1

Thor 126-200, An 2

Strange Tales 1-168, An 1-2

Dr. Strange 169

Hulk 1-6, 102-141, 180-182, Hulk Special 1,

Tales to Astonish 1-27, 28-35; 36-101

Tales of Suspense 1-99

Cap America 100-140

Iron Man 1-100

Unc. X-men 1-150; GS X-men #1;

Wolverine Mini 1-4 & 1-10

Neal Adams-Steranko-Kirby-Ditko-Kubert-Wrightson work (silver or Bronze--DC or Marvel)

Conan 1-24; Bronze Horror (Tomb of Dracula, Ghost Rider, Werewolf by Night, etc.)

ALL DC's & GKey/Dell: read comments at top of page re: 10-15 cent books**

yes, we mean we will buy ALL these books!