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A note from Ed about my .wav & .jpg files:

Transfer is ideal on DSL or Hi-Speed access modems. The sounds and images on this site are high quality for your enjoyment, and may take a few moments to download. Your patience will be rewarded. Enjoy!

Come view an incredible array of autographs, sports memorabilia; 'rock & roll' and other Baby Boomer collectibles.

What are the Archives? The Archives, like a museum, share and display treasures from Ed’s unique personal collection for your enjoyment.
What is an Archive Item? An Archive item Ed held, perhaps for several years, and valued highly enough to keep in his collection.
Can I buy an Archive Item? A one-of-a-kind Archive item may later be sold or auctioned: ask us to contact you if this happens.
How to identify an Archive item?

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Also called a "Crazy Ed Closet Collectible”. Future owners may request a certificate for an item from “Crazy Ed’s Archives." There may be a modest charge for this additional service.
How do items become "for Sale?" Some "Crazy Ed Archive items" are currently for sale (some entertainment, sports or comic collectibles). For example, Ed personally owns a key Silver age book and it was held for a year or more in his collection. If or when Ed buys an upgraded copy, he resells his prior copy.
What categories are in the Archives? There are 4 categories of Archive Items at this time:

Archive One

People/Media (TV, Film, etc.)

Archive Two

Musical: Rock/LP's, Music related

Archive Three

Baby Boomer: Toys/Games/Sports

Archive Four

Science Fiction/Fantasy/Adventure

Feel free to express interest, even if an item is labeled "not for sale". Perhaps to learn more about the item...or to alert Ed to be on the lookout for something similar.

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