WHAT IS THIS BATCH OF IMAGES FOR? What is a gag greeting?  Check out these fun images of famous fictional characters, selected by Ed for their beauty or recognizability.

SEND ONE AS A PERSONALIZED GREETING CARD WITH YOUR GIFT SHIPMENT, or just as a greeting (by e-mail) or as a greeting card by regular mail. Either way it is a clever way to spice up your greeting with a comic book, sci-fi or other gift being sent by Crazy Ed's!                        

For sample "Completed Gag Greetings" click here.


CAN I BUY/SEND A GREETING ALONE?  YES, you can send a personalized greeting card WITHOUT purchasing anything else. The costs range from $1.50 to $1.95 and are listed when you go to select an image to create the greeting from!

To avoid mistakes in ordering a greeting:  read   IMPORTANT CHECKOUT INSTRUCTIONS for GREETINGS: review from our Shipping policy