Ed's Archive One: People/Media (TV, Film, etc.)

Spy kit: ID, Passport, codes

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Bond Theme

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Goldfinger gag

Goldfinger best 2 lines

Goldfinger Theme

Gags by Cracked Spec 3, '73

another Bond Gag

Krissy pinup

Supermodel Taylor Sisters 

Krissy's Death

People article reprint

Their last shared cover

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Martin Luther King, Jr.

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#1, March 1979

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Yvonne Craig as 'Batgirl'

Ed found Ms.Craig as lively & sweet in person as her characters in film & TV. She was the green skinned alien seductress in a noteworthy Star Trek episode, danced with Elvis Presley & played a Russian ballerina/spy in a James Coburn 'Flint' movie.

(scary 60's paranoia TV!)

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click for full (nude) shot of Marliyn Monroe in Playboy #1

#1, Nov '62 Gold Key

Mr. Ed Theme

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