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Raiders theme

Little Big Book # 1489, c.1939

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Clayton Moore as Lone Ranger

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# 1, March '68

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The Flash Gordon books connect Golden Age (comic/Radio characters) as they were revitalized in the "silver" or baby boomer years.

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One is a "big Little Book" from the 1930's, and the Charlton comic is from 1969.

It also illustrates "Type collecting": rather than acquire every item of a character, one may collect a sample, something from Golden age, silver, bronze age, etc.

A "series" or completist collector wants to acquire everything published (during a certain period) about their hero. Example: 'A complete run of X-men from #1 to #300!'

Many collectors look for books that coincide with their birthday or birthyear! Often a gift book is sought that shows a loved one's birthdate.

Example: "13" is Ed's lucky number...the issue (#13) publication date was my 13th birthday, 4/13/69!

Flash Gordon #13, April 1969

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It also marked the end of 12 cent cover prices - the end of the "Silver Age".


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