Ed's Celebrity Encounters...of the Ed Kind

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In Star Trek IV, Captain Kirk (William Shatner) was asked if he came from outer space. Kirk replied, "No, I come from Iowa; I only work in outer space."

A 'close encounter' with Crazy Ed can be as unreal.

Ask "Crazy Ed" and he will explain, "Yes, I'm really HIM (Crazy Ed), I'm really Crazy; & they let me out for today to clean my padded cell!" On 1st meeting Crazy Ed (in person), you will laugh and wonder what asylum let Ed free in present day reality...or a national comic convention.   
    The 2nd encounter often creates a loyal repeat customer. With a 3rd encounter or more--you become a lasting friend who regularly visits Ed's booth, or stays in touch with Ed by email or phone, year-round.

Ed looked up to find the 'N Sync entourage at his booth. Justin Timberlake was there (without Britney Spears). Joey Fatone bought a Crazy Ed Archive Superman 11.

'bye bye bye' snip

 Joey Fatone's autograph:
 Have a peek at Joey Fatone's autograph...(you cannot see his credit or personal information).

We will share his birthday (Jan. 28, 1977).
 Mr. Valentino is the publisher of Image Comics

James Valentino purchased comics from Ed (Pittsburgh Comicon 2001)
   Ed with Joe Jusko, artist for Marvel Masterpieces.
    Time Bandits movie character "Og" (Mike Edmonds) at Crazy Ed's in 2001 Megacon.

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 Lyn St. James

Way back (early 90's) when Ed's specialty was taxes, he could proudly say Race Car driver Lyn St. James was among his clients! In fact, so was her CPA at the time!

Famed DC artist Carmen Infantino

Ed got a great birthday surprise in Atlanta. Mr. Infantino was Ed's neighbor!

Infantino began the "New Look" Batman in 1964

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Mark Waid, author of Kingdom Come

Mark is one of Ed's long-standing customers. They both love 'old' DC titles.

 Lost in Space

June Lockhart 

Ed & Bill Mumy

Mark Goddard "Major West" 

Jonathan Harris "Dr. Smith"

Ed meets crew of Lost In Space.

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Bill Mumy & Angela Cartwright 

Pictured with Ed is Detroit area Fox network Sportscaster Woody Woodriffe; Woody was buying key Silver Age from Ed since '90 in Miami!

Ed traded a comic for the Silver Age DC editor's signed card.

Laura Vandervoot, playing Supergirl on SMALLVILLE


Ed's archives contain other celebrity encounters including Adam West, Muhammad Ali, Dan Marino, etc.

Ed's encounters with Harlan Ellison, Karen Black, Anne Rice & more are visually displayed in Montages.

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